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公司簡介 | Company Introduction | 會社紹介




Haichang Sewing Machine Parts Co.,Ltd. of Zhenhai Ningbo was established in 1989. It is a professional manufacturer of national importance that engaged in the production of parts and accessories for industrial sewing machines. The company is in possession of strong technical force, advanced production equipment and perfect testing means, with which it is long-term guaranteed of production of top quality products. At present, our products include more than 1000 varieties of sewing machine parts, which are matched to diversified kinds of sewing machines made at home and abroad. For export they are mainly supplied to markets in Japan, Germany, HongKong, Taiwan and other areas. We sincerely welcome new and old customers from home and abroad to inquire and offer valuable advice. Let's cooperate for a jointly bright future.






質量方針 | Quality Policy | 品質方針


At anytime and anyplace, our company will offer our well designed and precisely made products to meet the demands of customers, promise to fulfill all the items signed in contracts, and make the quality of products advanced in the world by making constant improvement, innovation and pursuit.



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